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UCTAA Membership

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Joining the congregation of the Apathetic Agnostic Church provides you with access to the our Message Board and a degree from the International University of Nescience, the educational arm of the Apathetic Agnostic Church.

Note: If you want a free degree but do not wish to join the Church, The International University of Nescience offers its exclusive Bachelor of Adequacy degree, so you can prove that you are indeed "good enough." Apply at the University site

Undergraduate Degrees for our Members

In recognition that members of our congregation do not arrive at a full understanding of the foundations of apathetic agnosticism without years of self-study and analysis, all members are eligible to apply for a Bachelor's Degree[1] in one of the following disciplines:

  • Bachelor of Apathy
  • Bachelor of Ignorance
  • Bachelor of Nescience
  • Bachelor of Agnostic Studies
  • Bachelor of Apathy & Ignorance
  • Bachelor of Nescience & Apathy
  • Bachelor of Spiritual Re-Engineering
  • Bachelor of Apathetic & Agnostic Studies

Degrees will be dated as of the last convocation preceding your application; that is either May or December.

You may apply by using the form link below. Your fully personalized degree certificate will be emailed to you in high quality jpeg format.

For those wishing Multiple Degrees: The standard policy is one degree per member or clergy. All degrees are personalized, and require a fair amount of work to prepare, and they are issued free. Please don't abuse this service.

Multiple Application Policy

Multiple applications will be deleted unactioned. We will not waste time advising you of this.

This includes:

Document Replacement

The application form is not to be used to request replacement documentation. That would result in the application being considered a multiple application and deleted.

The document replacement policy is here.

Application Process

To join the Church and obtain your free degree:

[no longer available]

If you do not receive a response to your application in a reasonable time, please read this.


  1. All Degrees are granted by the International University of Nescience, the educational arm of The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic, a leader in Apathetic & Agnostic Studies since the second millennium. The University is a totally unaccredited institution, and advises applicants that its degrees may not receive the full recognition they deserve from third parties. The University stands behind its emailed degrees with the claim that they are worth at least the paper they are printed on. The University wishes you good luck in using its degrees on resumes and job applications. However, do not expect the University to respond to requests for transcripts of marks from prospective employers.