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Discussion 1 to Talk Back 114
You still provide no reasons to accept your claims

by: JT

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The comments in the discussion to your previous submission still apply. And until you address this question directly (“Please explain logically or empirically how you know what you say is true.”) you have nothing meaningful to contribute to the discussion here.

As long as you blindly take your sole authority from a book that most of those you are trying to reach via this site have already reviewed and rightly rejected, your comments will not be taken seriously.

But I will choose to answer the first question you posed: Do you ever sit down and think about the after life? No. I don't. There is no reason to waste time thinking about something for which there is absolutely no evidence.

Even right now - when I'm in the midst of organizing a funeral for a family member and sorting out the estate – the afterlife is not anything I'm taking into consideration. What is important for those left behind is continuing to live this life well.

But – playing the silly Pascal's Wager game and pretending I should be concerned about the extremely unlikely event you are right – I would not want to spend eternity in the presence of a malign entity with so little sense of what is moral that it sentences those who do not believe in it to eternal torment. Nor would I want to spend eternity with a group of people with so little moral sense that they consider this malign entity to be a perfectly good god. That indeed would be hell. I'll take my chances with the other place.


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