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It's just a circular argument

by: JT

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Basically you are saying that the Bible is the basis for belief in God and we should accept the authenticity of the Bible because... well you really don't provide a reason other than... other than Christians believe it.

Well I have read the Bible. And I have read about the Bible and its history. I differ with some of your claims. I suggest that it was written over a period of no more than 800 years rather than 1600 years, it is not historical accounts but rather a collection of retold myths handed down by an oral tradition. There is little evidence for any of the events recorded in the Bible from Genesis 1:1 down through John 20:25. (I'll accept that in the various letters in the New Testament there are things that actually happened) As for prophecy and visions - well what do they mean? Nothing, as they are subject to constant interpretation and reinterpretation. They mean whatever the person interpreting the prophecy wants them to mean.

You say "If you want faith, you will get it from God through the Word, His word, The Bible."

It comes down to belief in God comes out of belief in God's word. It's just a circular argument.

I will ask you "Why would I want faith in that God - the God of the Bible." The God of the Bible is the same God who according to the Bible murdered everyone on the face of the Earth except for one family. Then he murdered everyone in two cities - except for one family. Then he gave some land which was already occupied by many tribes to just one tribe - and he ordered the recipients of his gift to murder or to enslave all the current occupants.

This God of yours considered a man who would turn his daughters over to a mob to be raped to be a good man. He later considered a man who actually gave his concubine over to a mob to be raped to be a good man. He considered the killing of 40 children by bears to be a good thing solely because they mocked an old man's baldness.

And this is the same God who according to Robert Weinland's interpretation of Revelation is going to murder us all in 2012 (or early in 2011 according to Harold Camping.) Or at some unspecified future date according to all those who believe in the Second Coming.

That's all in the Bible - that book which you think will convince us God is real. And you think I should actually want faith in that God? I feel sorry for those who feel compelled to believe in such an evil entity and regard it as good.

Michael - I'm sure you are sincere. But quoting cherry-picked verses from the Bible is not going to convince very many agnostics to accept your God. And if they start to view the Bible as a whole, they are not going to want to accept your God.