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Discussion 3 to Talk Back 76
Saying the name of Jesus

by: JT

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I really had to laugh today when I re-encountered Joseph's article.

I noticed his last paragraph; his advice to the total wretch. He recommends "Say the name of Jesus once a day." 

As if that's going to magically do some good.

I can assure Joseph that I have said the name of Jesus several times a day for most of my life. It's a bad habit that may be attributable to too many years in the army. Sometimes, it's just a simple Jesus! Sometimes it's Jesus Christ! On occasion I'll give Jesus a middle initial, and sometimes even a full middle name.

But, no matter how many times I have epmhatically said the name of Jesus, it has brought me no closer to returning to Christianity. Or even to a belief that Jesus actually existed.

And if there is a Jesus is up there in the sky watching me, I suspect he'd prefer I not say his name so often.