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Discussion 2 to Talk Back 62
Fleecing naïve Christians

By Anthony DeLucchi

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You might be right Thomas, but not for the reasons you show us.

We are as Christians very afraid of been deceived, and we love to identify this adversary of ours and distance ourselves from anything remotely resembling his influence. But understand this fellow is a lot more wily than you give him credit.

I also read "Conversations with God" and found it uncomfortably reasonable and sensible. To such an extent that I spoke to my priest about it. All he said to me is, sometimes we are not always old enough to read some of the things we read. He also advised me if the book made me uncomfortable in my belief, I should put it aside and read it at a much later time. I did this, put it aside, and not long after this, the second book Conversations with God 2, appeared.

Well this sort of put the whole thing in perspective. The guy and his publisher realised he was on a winning streak. Money, it seems is the strategy behind this gambit. Speaking of books, that other piece of tripe posing as Christian literature “Left Behind” is a waste of time, another commercial venture aimed at fleecing naïve Christians. Now this is more to the deceiver's taste, sowing confusion amongst the believers. You will probably find him sitting in the pew in front of you in church. Let's face facts you will not find him in the houses of the unbeliever, an unbeliever is of no gain to him. Thank heavens some bright spark has not yet cottoned on to the idea of releasing BIBLE 2, THE SEQUEL.

I just found that there is even a third book and you can even order a sound track. Also conversations with God for teens with a foreword by Alanis Morissette. Well if this does not smell like greed.....