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Discussion 1 to Talk Back 62
Your answer is not necessarily for everyone


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Thomas J

I think everyone who read your several articles in Talk Back and in Debate & Discourse could tell you were struggling with what to believe. And if you think you have found the answer, that is great for you.

But, your answer is not necessarily for everyone. Everybody does not come to the same conclusion on these matters.

And even those who do agree with your conclusion of "Go to Jesus only" cannot agree on what this means, which is why there are some 50,000 Christian denominations. "Go to Jesus only" is not a good enough answer.

And while you suggest only that New Age teachings are the Devil's work, I suspect that in your new religious incarnation you find this agnostic website to be the Devil's work also... Logically, publishing your latest thoughts in Talk Back would also be the Devil's work.