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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 261 & 262
I know God exists and what he's really like

by: Cat

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I'm basing these answers on the fact that I know God exists and I know what he's really like and he isn't evil. He doesn't want anyone to die, but the very fact that he gave us the ability to choose and do as we please(free will), has meant that evil has reared its ugly head. Yes, there are different views on what is morally correct but only one way is correct.

Islam, well this is morally incorrect, it is based on the bible that I read but it has been changed, as all the Abrahamic books have. Some deliberately and some through bad translations. Mohammed is the false prophet, he changed God's personality and instructions. Although they believe in Jesus, Abraham, Moses and Adam, they have conflicting stories and are minus his testimony. It is morally wrong to force a child to marry. It is morally wrong to kill people because they don't believe the same things as you and then think you will be given six wives and live in paradise for martyring yourself. It is morally wrong to kill anyone for any reason as even though you think they may deserve it, you have no way of knowing that they are absolutely to blame or that what ever they did was deliberate. No one can stand in correct judgement of anyone without being able to read minds. Clearly the very fact that Islam is against Christianity should make it clear to everybody that not every thing you read can be considered the absolute truth. It is morally wrong to be ignorant of this fact and act on it. No one should act on anything when they haven't made sure they have the absolute truth, which is nigh on impossible to know right now. Ignoring these differences means they ignore human error and the fact that some people change things in order to suit themselves. This is why the bible says 'Judge and you shall be judged'.

Here is parts of a conversation with my vain Christian friend the other day. I'll call us, Me and Her.

Me: "So, If there was a truly homeless and starving man outside a shop and you wanted this £200 designer dress and thats all the money you had. Would you go buy this dress or would you find a cheaper version and feed the hungry man?"

Her: "I'd buy the dress, if I want something, I will buy it"

Me: "It's a bit of material, the man is starving"

Her: "Yeah but I'm not giving him money to feed his drug habit"

This was her reaction, a devout Christian, she was judging this man and refused to give up her want of a stupid piece of cloth in order to give a needy person something to eat. Whatever his reason for sitting there, he did not want to be there, she gambled with his life over a dress.

Me: "Don't you think its wrong to say that gays are evil? They don't choose who they fall in love with, no one does, I certainly don't and neither do you. What harm are they doing? I admit, the thought of two men or two women together makes me feel sick but they do no harm"

Her: "Its wrong and thats it"

Me: "Why? Because you read that? So a gay man that believes in God and his Son, who keeps the commandments and is very charitable, will go to hell?"

Her: "Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that they will go straight to hell"

Me: "Isn't that just as bad as the Pharisees then, the ones who killed Jesus? They read the commandments and as he healed someone on the sabbath day, they condemned him to death. His answer was 'Is it not better to do good on the sabbath, than evil?' So they disregarded what was morally correct and ended an innocent life all because they thought their understanding was right?"

At this point she then started telling me that as my life had been very bad and that I was lucky to be alive,I shouldn't be arguing, I shouldn't be looking for the truth. Instead I should be only thanking god that i am alive.

So it's pretty clear that most Christians don't actually have a clue and are actually very selfish. It's a fact of life that people re-tell stories based on their own understanding and due to narrow-mindedness, they won't even consider anything different, because they are right and everyone else is wrong according to them. If you look at the way the Christians try to tell you that their books are absolutely word for word, it just screams stupidity. They say these books are spiritually protected and theres no way they could be anything other than god's original word....but then they ignore the very fact that at the end of revelations he says "If anyone adds or removes from this book, I will add to him the plagues and remove him from the book of life". Therefore, why would the God that knows everything before time, even waste his breath saying this if it were impossible for anyone to change it? Eh?

My understanding of the ten commandments:

  1. Thou shall have no other god's before me.

    'I agree, as there is only one God and he deserves all the credit for it, secondly, if you do have any other God's, then conflicts(And wars) will arise.'

  2. Thou shall not make unto thee, any graven images.

    'Yip, don't make statues of me, my son, my angels, Satan etc, as you don't know what i look like and will give off false impressions, secondly, i know you will bow to them and not me, they are inanimate and pointless and void of life.'

  3. Thou shall not take the Lords name in vain

    'Don't say things and use my name with no purpose. Like people who do bad things and use the Lords name to justify themselves.'

  4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy

    'Well hey, if you work for 7 days a week and have no rest, it will be detrimental to your health for a kick off. He created the earth in six days and on the seventh day he rested. These were not actual days they were ages or eons. Therefore, the eighth day will start when he awakes from his slumber. Hence the reason he does not intervene at this stage.'

  5. Honor they father and thy mother.

    'Well they brought you into the world, without them you wouldn't exist. Parents always know best provided they are righteous, some, unfortunately, are evil and therefore unable to be honoured.'

  6. Thou shall not kill

    'No one has the right to take a life regardless of what you think or believe. If they want to kill you, they will suffer for it. Not including accidental death'

  7. Thou shall not commit adultery.

    'Don't cheat on people, it causes great grief and sadness.'

  8. Thou shall not steal.

    'Eh, well its not yours, don't take it, you could be stealing someones lively hood and causing them to be needy through your greed.

  9. Thou shall not bear false witness.

    'Don't lie, lies cause innocent people to be harmed and also cause grief, struggles and unhappiness'

  10. Thou shall not covet.

    'Don't lust after something that isn't yours, as it will cause you to do anything to get it and break the above commandments in the process.'

Jesus was god in the flesh but he was still in the spirit, hence the confusion about whether or not he was him. This is why Jesus' testimony is important, he was very righteous, nothing like the god you read about. God knows all things before he even created us, giving us free will means this has to be the way to a peaceful life. There is no room for evil in paradise, other wise it wouldn't be paradise.

Jesus added another commandment 'Love thy neighbour as thyself' well if you treat people the way you would like to be treated and as though you love strangers like you do your own, you will not harm them, you would not break any of the commandments at all as you would not like these things did to you. Jesus also said that this and the first one, were the most important. If you worshipped another god (A fake one) then you would not obey these commandments. So they were for our own good. My guess is that even the old testament has been subject to changes through mankind.

When I said they twist his words it is because, in one translation of the bible it will say e.g. Menstealers meaning kidnappers, another version of the same verse in a different bible(and there are many) will say homosexuals instead. These translations are based on the translators understanding of what he was reading. Its very easy to say one thing to a person and have them take it another way, different from what you actually meant. How many different languages was the original meaning put through before it got to here and now? The bible is full of contradictions, any wise man will see this(as you have done), therefore the original meaning has been lost. Jesus even said himself "Beware of the scribes". If his testimony is meant for all of humanity (as Christians believe) and not just those that were alive in his time, then why do they ignore these words? Because they pick and choose what suits them.

The reason I came to the bible is because of things that were happening in my life, no, I was not looking for comfort and support when I picked the bible up about 8 months ago as I knew it was contradictory (I still haven t read it all), i was looking for the truth and wondering what was going on in my life when all these biblical references started cropping up. Some of which I did not even know were biblical until I read parts of the bible.

So heres the thing, the only book which has retained its originally meaning, is Genesis. The meaning being, that god created us, and the story of the 12 tribes and the land he gave them. He chose them as his people as he found righteousness within them. Well if he wants to live upon his creation he can pick and chose where he wants to go, so if he wants to stay in Israel, he will. That is why its the holy land and his kingdom. the rest of the books have had there meaning distorted through the hands and evilness of man. There are no two creations of man. It is spoken about at the start and then the same thing is brought up again, but as usual, this is all taken word for word and taken to be the actual original writing. If someone spoke these words to you whilst telling you a story, then half way through, they mentioned the same thing again(in no particular order), would you then say they contradicted themselves or would you think 'Aah well, they already told me that in a round about way, but they must have a reason for repeating it' so you probably wouldn't think much of it... as its the bible, every single sentence is picked apart.

He destroyed the nephilim in the flood, the giants born of the rebellious angels who wanted to mate with the female humans. The nephilim were eating everyone after they ate all the cattle. He kept Noah and his family alive as they were the only ones who had not mixed with the giants. Have a look at the ancient cave paintings dated in the BC periods for giants which are depicted,some class these giants as aliens as they are pointing up the way. These angels had taught mankind forbidden knowledge ie, how to read the stars...kind of like the Mayans perhaps. The fact that these rebellious angels wanted to mate with anyone in the first place, suggests that they do indeed have sexual organs as we do. The giants are written about in more detail in the book of Enoch, which was found alongside Isaiah in the dead sea scrolls. Isaiah is apparently word for word with the translation they have and they use this as a bases for their argument that all the translations are correct. However, they do not add the book of Enoch as part of the canon even though it was found with Isaiah, which is a prophecy about Jesus. Hmmm, a bit pick n choosy of mankind, wouldn't you agree.

Jesus called her a dog (meaning lowly and undeserving of his approval) because she didn't believe in him even with proof thrown in her face. Revelations says if you don't believe and don't keep the commandments (The first one and love thy neighbour), then without, are dogs and whoremongers etc. So when it comes to Revelations, god will let you know he is real with some sort of undeniable sign and things will start coming to pass, all you need is to believe in Jesus and keep the commandments and say sorry for all your wrongs. Jesus was there to take away your sins and save you from the destruction to come. It was the only way. Its not reading the entire bible that saves you, its not pouring water over your head, its not imposing laws on people based on the bible either.

God loves everyone but he doesn't love evil, and neither do I. He wants all to see the truth and be saved so he wont hurt you because you haven't known the truth. Its when you know the truth but ignore it. (which then makes you a dog) Everything he does is for a greater good, whether you understand it or not. Much like when your parents told you not to do something when you were young but you rebelled because you couldn't see the problem with it, they were only trying to keep you safe. Thats why we are referred to as children and he, the father. We are unlearned and no amount of reading these books will learn you unless god gives you understanding, which is what all Christians believe they have, minus morals. There is no evil in him, its man who is evil. In the end times or the beginning of new times, he will give chance after chance after chance, those who hate him after knowing who he really is, must love evil so they deserve it. With the kindness and love that is actually in him, no good man would be able to hate him, thats why he is called beautiful, he is perfect in every way and thats what makes him awesome. If he gives you a sign that he is real and shows you who he really is and you cant deny it but you choose to ignore it or not believe it then more fool you. Followers of other religions will still not believe and will continue hurting innocent people through their narrowminds. Narrow-mindedness is ignorance, and ignorance is blindness. That wasn't a dig at you personally, it goes for most of the population.

If your given free will then its your choice to decide what is good and what is evil but your right, some folk don't see what is right, don't you think he knows this. he knows when people cant help things, he knows when people try to do good, he knows that people won't know the absolute truth until their shown it. How else is he, and we, to have peaceful happy lives with so many evil prats in the world. He has given humanity a chance, he left us to our own devices so we all know who is good and who is evil, who is a pharisee and who are saints....but now his words are changed he's gotten the blame him for everything, he's been ignored, been made to look evil, his innocent children have been murdered, his lands stolen, people doing immoral things by acting on words they can't possible know to be true(Believers and none believers) therefore his name completely disfigured. The God you really have, is not the God you read about...but hardly anyone will see this and thats why it says, only a few will be saved first off. Those are the wise and the open-minded ones. I'm gathering that you are very open-minded or you would not dismiss the possibility of a God completely. As am i, I refused to even read the bible any further as i knew it contradicted itself, therefore, it could not all be true. Now I read it but it still doesn't make complete sense.

These things have to happen in order for this planet to be the way it was originally intended. He gave us free will and he doesn't interfere with that or it would be pointless giving us it if he still controlled us in any way, wouldn't it. When he makes his true self known and you see he is actually real, if you believe in Jesus, repent, keep the commandments(The first two)and don't deny it or argue with it because you have had a religion drummed into your head your whole life, then you have nothing to worry about. So i don't blame him for getting angry at people who are evil and people who deny the truth when they have been clearly given it.  If you were to believe in God right now, do you really think he would create us and give us everything we need, only to confuse us and then destroy innocent, and morally just, people because they didn't pick up a bible or because they don't yet believe in Jesus. Thats not right, therefore its not righteous, therefore its not true, since he is nothing but loving, good and just.

I was in the same position as you but now i am the opposite, where my belief is much more than my doubt, your doubt is much more than your belief. Your not the only one but you cant be blamed for that since you have no proof and the bible does not make sense, it is not completely morally correct, it is not the whole truth and that is all you have to go on. Yes there was more than one author, which means all these different people were writing about the same thing at different times and places and in different languages. So they weren't doing it just for the sake of it then were they. If there were no God then neither one of them would have anything to gain from joining in the writings of a story since all took no payment and refused to be worshipped in anyway. If you believe then you know God told them what to write so there was only one author. These writers were like the guy who transcribes the spoken words of a meeting i suppose. If it were done nowadays, it would've been video taped instead of written.

If what is say is true, then how would you feel? When i said thank him, i mean if someone hands you a plate with food on it, its just ignorant if you don't say thanks for it but if the plate just appears and you don't know where it came from, how can you say thank you to anyone? He's not stupid, far from it, he knows these things. Imagine this is you:

You have a child but have to leave when he/she is a baby as its in their best interest. Your child never knows you. Your grown up child is then told that you are their father but they don't want anything to do with you as they believe the slanderous lies that have been spread about you, they hate you for no reason as you did no wrong. Do you then think it would be fair to kill your child knowing they didn't know the truth? No, I think not. This would hurt you a great deal, that the child whom you love hasn't even gotten to know you and has believed any old thing they read and hear, and the only way of correcting it, is by showing your child proof, so you do. Your child then apologizes to you for acting on, and accepting lies without knowing they have the truth, for hurting your feelings and for joining in the unfair slander against you. You forgive your child as you know they didn't mean it and you have a happy relationship together as they now see you for who you really are. The nasty slanderers are also shown the proof, that what they say is wrong...but they ignore this as they don't want to admit their wrongdoings and they don't care who they hurt through their own pride so they continue the slander. You then make sure they are punished accordingly as they cannot be allowed to continue their ways any longer. As you are filled with compassion, you give them plenty of chances, some admit their wrongdoings but some never do.

Sin is the slander, Humanity is the child, God is the Father, Evil is punished...and so it should be.

C. :)


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