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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 245
Thank you for your reply

by: Tyson F

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Dear Mr. John Tyrrell,

Thank you for your reply and thank you even more for publishing my "testimony" as you called it, on your website, it is much appreciated and I am grateful to you. I very much enjoyed reading your reply, although a little short in comparison to my own piece of writing, which I admit rambled on a bit and will most likely do the same of this one.

"Ghosts and spirits"- these "encounters", if you will, that I mentioned in my original letter, to me were very real. I recall a feeling of confusion, extreme fear and an indisputable feeling that I was in danger and was about to be hurt or attacked by whatever these things may have been. Whether they be ghost or trick of the light, those feelings can never be proven untrue.
This is not the case of a monster being under my bed or a bogey man in the closet, these were both "in your face" encounters that I remember in detail to this day. The only thing I don't remember entirely is what age I was, around 5 years old I think. Nor is it a case of "power of suggestion" and something that isn’t really there just because lots of people say it is. I am the only person who saw these things and everyone who I tell does not believe me.  And yet I remain convinced.

I have not seen any form of supernatural entity since these experiences however. Yet what I have seen has left my mind open to whatever I do see.
So you see, my belief, whether you share it or not, is not governed my religion but by experience and has nothing to do with whether or not I believe in god because as far as I'm concerned the two are not connected.

"Other religions"- thank you for giving me potential choices, I have never heard of these religions before I read your reply. however, I don’t think I'm a pantheist because, well, as stupid as it may sound to you, the website that I went to was not very informative and was full of long words, quotes from people  I’ve  never heard of and a bunch of intellectual mumbo jumbo that I didn't understand. In my opinion, if they want followers, they should make their explanation easier to understand.  I'm mean, you sum yours up with a simple and straight to the point "we don’t know and we don't care" which says it all. Also your website is easy to read, not some jumped up load of bullshit which forces me grab a dictionary every second sentence.  These things alone make me want to be an agnostic because you don't seem to be "feeding me any lines" if you follow me.

I also have never heard of "universalism" before now, but it seems it is not that much different to "deism." In fact they both seem to fall under that heading one way or another. Either way, there is still the belief in a god and although he doesn't play a direct role the our lives he still created the planet, the environment we live in, the animals and the food we eat and the water we drink and any beverage that we drink. So one way or another he, she or it had absolute control over our lives, because we can’t live without the things it created. I find that unnerving because I see myself as a free spirit and do not want to be controlled. I don’t like when a human assumes control over me, let alone a god I cannot hear, see, smell or touch. It just seems a bit degrading to me.

Anyway, I gotta go.

Thanks again for the reply and feel free to publish this letter in you wish. I hope some of the things I write interest people enough to generate some kind of conversation.

bye for now.