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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 182
There is a difference

by: Julian

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Greetings John Tyrrell:

No, there is a difference.  "if I believed or disbelieved in a god, it wouldn't matter. So - to you the existence of a deity does not matter."

The question is not existence, but belief.

When a god or goddess (I wish!) confirms their existence to me, I will be very passionate.  But simple belief, in the manner of those who advocate faith as proof of god's existence, cannot suffice.

I have faith in gravity.  Once, while climbing a ladder, I slipped and fell to the ground.  It hurt.  Although gravity has not spoken to me, it has revealed itself to me in a painful way.  It exists. I believe.

If a god exists, how does "it" show its existence?

There's a partial answer.  When I do something that harms another creature, whether intentionally or unintentionally, I feel pain.  Whether this is imposed on me by training or by some universal field (like Einstein's rubber sheet), my psyche is affected.

So, there is a difference between belief and existence.  Belief doesn't affect me.  Existence certainly would.

I am not apathetic to existence.  The term doesn’t fit.

Julian Roberts