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Discussion 1 to Ask the Patriarch 167
The foul Fair's fare

by: PsiCop

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Here's a horrible poem of my own on the subject. I couldn't resist the urge to rhyme something with "agnostic"!

The Bard once said,
"Fair is foul and foul is fair,"*
So what can we say about
The Wayne County Fair?

Shall we whine about Wayne
And its County Fair and kvetch
About the fare for the Fair
That left Nolan a poor wretch?

I wonder what makes this
A problem Agnostic,
And start to type
A reply most caustic;

But poor Nolan's query
Seems a clever dare:
He asked the Patriarch
If the Fair's fare is fair!

And Patriarch wonders aloud,
Of which Wayne does he whine?
How can he speak of that
Which he cannot find?

I chuckle with joy
And type a light rhyme.
For me the foul Fair
Won't cost a thin dime,

Since I live far from any Wayne
With its high-fare Fair,
It means naught to me that
The foul Fair's fare is unfair!


* [Macbeth Act I scene 1]