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Discussion 4 to Meditation 967
Pope Cartman wants to sue so as to impose his authoritah

by: JT

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An opinion piece[1] published this week by commentator Maureen Dowd criticized the Catholic Church for its increasingly autocratic ways. She wrote:

...it makes me sad to see the Catholic Church grow so unCatholic, intent on loyalty testing, mind control and heresy hunting. Rather than all-embracing, the church hierarchy has become all-constricting.


Absolute intolerance is always a sign of uncertainty and panic. Why do you have to hunt down everyone unless you’re weak? The church doesn’t seem to care if its members’ beliefs are based on faith or fear, conviction or coercion. But what is the quality of a belief that exists simply because it’s enforced?


“To be narrowing the discussion and instilling fear in people seems to be exactly the opposite of what’s called for these days,” says the noted religion writer Kenneth Briggs. “All this foot-stomping just diminishes the church’s credibility even more.”

Meanwhile in Italy, journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi has published a new book, His Holiness, which contains a number of confidential letters on current Vatican and Catholic scandals, including Vatican administration, the Vatican Bank, and the Legion of Christ religious order.

As discussed previously, the Pope has ordered an inquisition led by the head of Opus Dei to determine the source of the leaks. In another attempt to impose his authoritah, (and incidently show how right Maureen Dowd was with her analysis) he has threatened to sue[2] Gianluigi Nuzzi for supposedly invading his privacy.

Business as usual in the Vatican under Pope Cartman XVI's authoritah. Cover up and issue threats instead of solving the problems.



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