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Discussion 2 to Meditation 895
Wrong Again! Anyone Surprised?

by: JT

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The world did not end today (21 October 2011). Harold Camping has been shown once again to be wrong in his prophecies. No-one should be surprised. After all, prophecies are doomed to failure because...

The Bible Guarantees It

Of course, Camping's prediction was held in little regard even by his fellow Christians. For example, the month-long Prophecies Decoded seminar with its own interpretation of End Times referred to in Meditation 932 was scheduled to continue for a full week after Camping's end of the world prediction. Whatever predictions are made in that seminar will likewise prove groundless because...

The Bible Guarantees It

It should be noted that predicting the end of the world can be immensely profitable. The 2010 tax returns for Camping's organization show assets of $104.8 million. That's an increase of over $30 million from the preceding year. So Harold Camping has made out all right from his prophetic failures at the expense of his supporters.

There's lots of money to be made from religion.

The Bible Guarantees It