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Discussion 8 to Meditation 874
The Catholic Church of Pontius Pilate

by: JT

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After promising last November that a consistory of cardinals would deliver "guidelines to offer for a coordinated and efficient programme" to deal with sex abuse, the Vatican released a letter this week.

And what was the result of six months of effort by the highest levels of the Church?

That's it!

Six months of work to essentially do a Pontius Pilate. We'll wash our hands of the matter in the Vatican. We've got more important things to do. The local bishops can handle it.

Just as they've handled it so well for the past two millennia.

In a related story, a study commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and based on statistics provided primarily by the Catholic Church showed that the cause of priestly sex abuse of children was the '60s.

The bishops blame the '60s. They wash their hands of responsibility.

Bullcrap! Complete and utter dishonest bullcrap!

Sex abuse by priests has been going on as long as a priesthood has existed - regardless of religion. Power and abuse of that power go hand in hand.

What the '60s actually did was to teach people to challenge authority. This established an atmosphere in which it became acceptable to report abuse and to expect that accusations might actually get listened to, and acted upon.

Only halfway through it and it already has been another bad week in the Vatican and the Catholic Church. They have once again undermined any claims to speak on morality. They have once again washed their hands of the issue.