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Discussion 5 to Meditation 874
More Shame, More Scandal; Still No Policy

by: JT

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Due to taking more time than I expected in preparing a reply to Pastor Dempsey on earthquake statistics, I did not have time to take a look at what busy-work was going on in the Vatican this week.

But, this very week in the U.S.A. in two major dioceses - each of them headed by a cardinal, a Vatican Prince - scandal once again hit the headlines. Both Los Angeles and Philadelphia showed they have not yet been able to solve the puzzle of dealing with a years-old tradition of cover-up and denial, and they only seem to react when the issue goes public. This once again reinforces the need in a hierarchal organization to have a sound policy on abuse by clergy; a policy which does not involve covering-up the situation.

As of today, yet another week passed by without the promised Vatican policy on child abuse by clergy.

What a crying shame!