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Discussion 2 to Meditation 851
Re: Dr. Graham's "valid" point

by: Kristine Robinson

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Kinsey, I have to entirely disagree with you.  Dr. Graham's point is only valid if you have a belief to start with.  If you work from a position of non-belief in an entity, there is simply no point in supplicating yourself to that entity.  The entity doesn't actually come into play.  It's not about dominance.  Nor is it about a stubborn will. 

Both yours and Dr. Graham's ideas are dependant upon the God in question being one that demands obedience.  However, this doesn't cover the full spectrum of religious beliefs and doesn't address why people turn away from gods they believe to be subservient to themselves (many Pagans I have known believe their gods to exist only to serve (wo)man; I was one of them, before I de-converted). 

Also, I don't understand your reference to Islam.  As I understand it, Muslims do believe in Jesus.  He was a messenger of God, a messiah, and a prophet who supposedly foretold the coming of Muhammad.  Just because they don't believe in the crucifixion or the atonement does not equate to a disbelief in him.