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Discussion 1 to Meditation 725
How about videoconferencing?

by: Will Petillo

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I am not very tech-savvy, so I am going to throw an idea out there and see if anyone is interested or knows what logistics would be involved.

Perhaps something could be done with videoconferencing.  I stumbled across a dating site a while ago, which I didn't much like, but had an interesting premise.  Person A includes a short personal description and what they want to talk about and sets a start time (e.g. 24 hours). During this time, person B, who happen to stop by the site sees the description of A and the clock ticking down and, if they choose, can sign up for a reservation to talk to B.  When the time ends, the conference begins, in which A and B talk to each other for awhile using webcams.

I think this setup could work just as well for some of our purposes, especially pastoral advice and support.  Let's say, for a hypothetical example, I move to an area with a heavily religious population and am constantly being asked to convert.  I get bothered by this and need someone like minded to communicate with.   Checking the website updates is refreshing, but just not enough.  So I go on some part of this site and set up a conference.  It could also be used by very brave individuals for 1-on-1 arguments with outsiders who are generally polite but insist on having the last word.

I am sure there are a million logistical reasons why this won't fly and it is not as ideal as an actual gathering, but it would be a lot more personal than looking at a few pages of text once a week.