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Discussion 1 to Meditation 717

by: Will Petillo

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Since you mentioned "curiousity" as a virtue, allow me to push you towards new and more interesting levels of confusion...

For the religious questions, I reccomend you read Milton's Paradise Lost (or at least the sparknotes).  That epic poem provides some thorough and articulate answers.  Though you will probably find them ultimately unsatisfying, grappling with Milton will push you from questions that have been asked countless times to the front lines of those debates.

For the scientific questions, keep in mind that, at least as you are using them, words like "significance," "summit," and "superior" are scientifically meaningless.  We create our own systems of meaning in the world, we decide what is good and bad, and for there to be some kind of objective, externally-created meaning would imply that one particular set of values is "right"--a word which, in this context, is also scientifically meaningless.