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Discussion 1 to Meditation 644
An opportunity to register for Heaven

by: JT

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Once more I heard from Bro K.N Arku-Lawson, this time with the message:

Wish to know more about your group

Kn Law

Again, Brother Law wrote from a false e-mail address and the subject (Wish to know more about your group) and first line of the message were both, in my opinion, lies. The man has no interest in learning more about us - he just wants us to learn about his nonsensical End Times - which, as discussed following his previous message, is mere failed prophecy.

But, Brother Arku-Lawson, if you really want to know more about this group, then just read the website. You will find all you need to know right here. Don't be afraid that it will convert you to agnosticism; this site is not aimed at conversion and there is as little chance that it will shake a firm End Times believer such as you as your site will convert an intelligent person, whether a believer or non-believer.

If you disagree with anything on this site, please feel free to contribute an article for Talkback or for Debate and Discourse telling us why you disagree. Provided you show the courage to write from your real e-mail address, your article will be published. We are not afraid to post opposing views here.

In the meantime, I'll take a pass on using your web site to register for Heaven. That is just not a credible offer.