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Discussion 1 to Meditation 585
Far from a slam-dunk argument against God being untestable.

by: Will Petillo

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Interesting passage you have brought up, but far from a slam-dunk argument against God being untestable.  There are, as usual, other parts of the Bible that say the opposite.  Unfortunately, I don't have a Bible with me (smacks head), but I am pretty sure there is a bit in the New Testament where Satan tells Jesus to jump off a cliff ("if you are really the son of God, you will survive") and Jesus responds by saying that God is not to be tested. 

If I did not simply dream this up, then what we have is yet another for contradictions.  One might use some mental gymnastics to get around this problem by saying: "The difference is faith.  When faith is scientifically studied, tests are made in a spirit of doubt, whereas Elijah's test was made in the spirit of faith.  Jesus understands this distinction and knows that Satan is trying to trick him." 

A skeptic could respond that God ignores prayers, even from the truly faithful, but the religionist would simply contradict the skeptic, saying: "The Lord answers our prayers, though His ways are often mysterious" and then give a long string of anecdotes as examples.  I am not trying to defend religion or say that any of these arguments are valid, only that such arguments exist and they should be addressed.  Otherwise, one is left with overly simplistic arguments that no one who disagrees will find convincing.