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How does medical advancement count as a miracle?

by syrinxfox

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To comment a bit on this... And I do whole-heartedly agree with you.. Isn't progression of science and medicine supposed to be bad in the eyes of "god"?

I seem to remember something about how we aren't supposed to "know" how god works or how to fix things beyond god. This may be an older belief here but I know it still goes on in some places across the world. So how does medical advancement count as a miracle? Shouldn't it be blasphemy?

Hell, money used to be blasphemy and look at the religious right now... (those silly Chinese, spreading all that advancement and logic).

It's only bad if it helps the "other" people...

I am also reminded of Terri Shavio, (I know this issue has probably been run into the ground by now). The religious right argued that taking her off tube feeding would be the equivalent of "murder" and if she was going to die it would be when god said so. It was people keeping her alive, not god. So technically, shouldn't she have been allowed to die when her incident happened all those years ago? Isn't that what "god" intended? In fact by keeping her alive, weren't they "defying" god by not allowing her to "ascend" to wherever? Shouldn't that be the case with everyone on life support? Or even medicine in general?

Medicine is only a miracle when it works they way they want it to. Doctors are not led by god, they are led by thousands of years of experimentation and education. If they were in fact, led by god, then why does god mess up and kill people so much and make doctors tear themselves apart over the loss of a patient?