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Discussion 1 to Meditation 265
Wine and Jesus

by Bob Morris

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I'd like to expand on the discussion of whether Jesus drank grape juice or wine.

In the story of the wedding at Cana (John chapter 2), the wine runs out and Jesus turns six stone containers of water into wine. The wine is served to the guests and they are amazed at its quality. (After all, like the button says, Jesus don't make no junk.)

They are puzzled, though, at the wine-serving strategy. In verse 10, the host says "Everyone puts out the good wine first, then after men have drunk well, put out inferior wine, but you have kept the good wine until now."

I've seen this happen, and probably have done it myself. The host tells the groom that whatever they're serving, however it may be translated or mistranslated, he has observed that the guests are sufficiently impaired that the good wine is wasted on them. Does anybody really believe that nonalcoholic grape juice can do that?

For those who believe the Bible is the true literal word of God, this proves Jesus drank wine. Others may not be convinced. This could all be a parable with exaggerations for effect.

What about the last supper? In case anybody forgot, Jesus is a Jew.

Theologians (almost) universally agree it was a Passover celebration.

Passover was (and still is) celebrated with wine.

[Notice none of this discussion relies on faith. It's just a historical description of how people offered thanks to God. Whether or not God was listening is another subject for another day.]