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Discussion 1 on Meditation 186
His Dark Materials / Paradise Lost / Incarnations of Immortality

by Jeff Dougan

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Re: Meditation 186

It is claimed in some quarters that "His Dark Materials" is a setting for children of Milton's "Paradise Lost." I'm not necessarily sure I buy that, although that stems partly from lack of familiarity with the latter.

Also in the "discussion of good & evil" category, although grounded in a Christian framework to the universe, is Piers Anthony's "Incarnations of Immortality" series. In my opinion, the first 6 are remarkably better than the 7th, but it's the last two that take on good & evil more directly than the first five (although understanding them is greatly facilitated by reading the first ones).

Reply: You make an interesting point. I was unaware of a relationship between His Dark Materials and "Paradise Lost." But I queried Ask Jeeves on this issue. (What is the relationship between "His Dark Materials" and "Paradise Lost?") About 75 links were returned, some providing very interesting reading. Even the title, "His Dark Materials" comes from Paradise Lost. So I learn something every day.