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Discussion 4 on Meditation 176
Please point me to the evidence.

by The Rev. David Marjanović

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Ko Pow wrote:

"I don't believe I stumbled upon this website, I believe my faith lead me to your door step so you would not have any excuse (referencing Romans 1:20) on that Great Day we meet our creator."

Now, now. Like almost any other Westerner, John Tyrrell knows Christianity quite well, and his Meditations show he has read more of the Bible than most other people.

I personally hope this Great Day will come; I want to live on after death; I just haven't found any evidence for it. Assertions aplenty, sure, but no evidence that I could test myself (or in fact that anyone could test, at least without dying). Could you please point me to some?

Or is it perhaps possible that you just believe because you want to?