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Discussion 28 to Meditation 38

by Sheila Davidson

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I am a young Christian - not looking for proof of Christ's existence - I rely on my own faith in that - but in the hope of finding evidence I can offer to those who ask how I know He lived.

In response 3 to Meditation 38 the writer illustrates the point that myths have grown up around JFK and Elvis: that they did not die but live on. This is because:

  1. they existed
  2. their deeds made them famous

Surely, therefore, this illustration supports what was written about the life of Christ.

For evidence (not proof) consider this:

  1. His mother watched Him die when all she had to do to save him was retract her claim that He was the Son of God. What mother could do that?
  2. Their transformation from cowardly, denying disciples to Goliaths of bravery.
  3. Paul's complete volte face from zealous prosecutor of His followers to His most zealous servant.