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Discussion 2 to Meditation 3
Life after death?

by: Rob Bartolotta

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In 2006, I had a situation that I will always remember. I had suffered a heart attack in my trailer, and I went through a situation that was unusual, but most interesting.

As I sat in my easy chair fighting for air, I felt myself rising above the situation. I saw the figure of myself, sitting in the chair, listless.
As I felt myself drifting upwardly, I saw the trailer park and everything else getting smaller and smaller.

At one point, I found myself on a ledge. There were others like myself facing the same light or image. Since I didn't have a mouth or eyes or ears; I don't know how I was able to perceive what I saw or heard.

Something in front of me appeared or at least seemed to. It was disgusting. It seemed to be all the things I hated, loved and feared all wrapped in some ugly mess. Was this God? I couldn't really say. I saw others going through what I was going through, but of religious surroundings. Strange,huh? It seems that if you have cares about what is going on in the living world; you don't make that leap from the ledge. If you don't have any misgivings about this world and want to move on, you move on. Hence the term, leap of faith. I guess that's what I could call it. I wasn't ready to leave just yet. So, I felt my self hurtling towards the Earth at an incredible speed. I felt like I was on a tether. I began to see the city and traffic and people and the trailer park and me in the chair. I felt a kind of thud, and found myself struggling for air. I also felt great pain in my chest. I coughed hard to pump blood in to my heart and, pushed with all my might, like I was going to the toilet. It worked. My heart pain disappeared and, the palpitations subsided.

Since this happened to me, I don't think that any books have a clue as to what is going on after we die. I like the Agnostic stance and it makes sense to me.
I guess for me, I think some thing exists but, it is not any thing like what others tell me it is supposed to be.

I was brought up as a Roman-Catholic but, have always been a doubter. This experience however,opened my eyes to the fact that none of the preconceived ideas I had, were going to have any credence.

Now I really feel that, I really don't know and, I really don't care. I feel like a weight is off of my mind. I don't believe there is life after death. I think it is something else and wonderful.