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Apathetic Agnostic Choir Book
The Apathetic Hymn of The Agnostic

By: P.W. Sharkey

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The Apathetic Hymn of The Agnostic*

(P.W. Sharkey)

We are the people who won’t be knocking at your door
Or leaving little Bible tracts in the bathroom at your store
We find that all that witnessing is really quite a bore
We just want to be left alone.


‘Cause we’re apathetic agnostics
Yes, we’re apathetic agnostics
Oh, we’re apathetic agnostics
‘Cause we don’t give a wit about gods.

If you want to live a life that is good beyond compare
Then you don’t need a god to tell you what is fair
All you need to do is never harm but only care
About others but not about gods.


When others try to tell you that unbelievers go to hell
Remind them that their savior said that hypocrites go as well
You don’t have to argue and you don’t have to yell
Just ask them to leave you alone.


If ever there’s a choice between a god and what is good
Then this very simple point should be clearly understood
A god that rules by fiat will destroy the neighborhood
So be good and forget about gods.



* (To the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)