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Agnostic Testimony 23
There was always a part of me that questioned

from Laura Velazquez

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I was raised Roman Catholic. I attended Sunday School, went through the motions of their sacraments, & hell, I even considered briefly becoming a nun. But there was always a part of me that questioned the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

Every time I would ask my questions I was told "Read the bible, the answers are in there." But of course they were not there.

After going through a very difficult time in my life with my family urging me to pray & put my faith in God. I finally realized he does not exist. Once I finally stopped pretending that a man made god was going to make things better, I realized I was so much happier and I was able to make it through that dark period in life. I found out I am a better person without the whole Catholic hypocrisy.

I have 2 words for those who continue to tell me they are praying for me: "Evolve Dammit!"