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Agnostic Testimony 21
My Mother’s Lesson

from: Jennette Boundy

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I will always remember the one and only thing my mother ever said to me about religion. I don’t remember the question I asked, but I will always remember the answer. Her voice dropped to a very serious yet quiet tone:

“Believe whatever you want to believe, because there will always be someone there to tell you you are wrong.”

I thank my mother for not boxing me into a certain way of thinking

As I got older I did my own exploring. I read the Bible. However interesting it was, I didn’t find it convincing. Now when I think of the word Bible, I think of all the baggage the word carries, when really, its means “The Book”. I think of all the people who have died in the name of “The Book”. Sounds different doesn’t it?

I have spent some time thinking of the meaning of life, and the world around me, and the different ideas fascinate me, I must admit. I have a deep respect for all religions and those that have faith in them, but a bitter distaste for the belief in absolute truth. As far as I’m concerned, the minute you think you have all the answers is the same minute you open yourself up to hate and ignorance. Why try to convince others of your belief if only to seal away your own uncertainty?

You may think an Agnostic is someone sitting on a fence between being a believer and a non-believer. I am no longer searching, but I am open to discussion. There is no fence to sit on. It is not that I don’t care, because I certainly do, I am completely comfortable with not having the answers. I don’t want answers. It’ll spoil the surprise.