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Agnostic Testimony 17
From Atheism to Agnosticism

by Glenn

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Hi John:

I consider myself Agnostic, and found your site interesting and a good read with a nice touch of humour thrown in.

I stumbled across it because although I consider myself Agnostic, I still enjoy reading the regular debates over religion amongst others as it is a great insight into the psychology of others.

I thought I'd share an experience that intially seemed quite odd, but as it turns out it now sounds ironically obvious.

I was brought up with religion barely being mentioned in my home, despite my parents being ever so slightly religious. I actually managed to go through all over my younger (up to 10 years old) schooling almost not even knowing religion existed until a move to another state saw me joining a school with religion classes.

After a few years of thinking they were all nut cases, and a couple of years thinking science had all the answers, I started to find myself thinking "nobody actually knows". It was at this point that I almost stopped caring entirely, reaching the thought "does it really matter?".

Amazingly, it wasn't until about 6 or so years later that I actually realised there was a term/name for my belief (well, lack there of). I believed and had faith in so little that I hadn't even considered there might be a name for it.

Additionally, I've also found that most of the people I've met that consider themselves to be agnostic have gone from a fairly strong athiest belief to become agnostic - a direction quite different from your own - have you found the same?

I can see how this situation may be a large factor in skewing stastics, because as somebody who was quite strongly athiest, I still called myself an athiest because it was what I thought was the closest term to what described my lack of beliefs - true agnostics are quite likely to not bother looking for a term to describe it.